Korisna WordPress Theme

Virus Prevention WordPress Theme

Install WordPress

To get this theme you must have WordPress already installed. If you need help installing WordPress, follow the instructions in WordPress Codex. Below are some useful links on WordPress information:

Install theme

When purchasing Korisna theme from Themeforest, you will be able to download Korisna files from your Themeforest account. The main_files contains all files, you have to find korisna.zip and upload it on your directory.

Install Korisna theme via WordPress.

  1. Unzip the downloaded package from Themeforest and inside it find the file korisna.zip
  2. Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and click Choose File Button.
  3. After slelct"korisna.zip" from your computer Click on "Install Now" button.
  4. Wait the theme being uploaded and installed.
  5. To activate the theme: Go to Appearance > Themes hover over the theme and and click Activate.

Install theme via FTP.

Follow the steps below to install theme via FTP.

  1. Log into your hosting space via an FTP software
  2. Unzip the korisna.zip file and ONLY use the extracted korisna theme folder
  3. Upload the extracted korisna theme folder into wp-content > themes folder
  4. To activate the theme: Go to Appearance > Themes hover over the theme and and click Activate.

Common Install Error: Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

The “Are You Sure You Want To Do This” message may occur, means that you are limited in upload file size. Consider install the theme via FTP if this happens, or contact your hosting provider and ask them to increase the limited size.

Register Theme

After Install your theme please navigate to Korisna -> Registration and paste Valkuta purchase key on theme registration box.

Note : 1 Purchase key for one theme registration. You can not register multiple theme with same purchase key.

Install required plugins

Once you activated Korisna theme than You will get a notice for installing required plugins.

  1. Click on "Begin installing plugins" to install required plugins.
  2. Select all required plugin, From the top dropdown menu select Install and click Apply.
  3. After Install all plugins sucessfully click Return to Required Plugins Installer.
  4. Select all required plugin, From the top dropdown menu select Activete and click Apply.
  5. image
Note : You can deactive one click demo import plugin after import demo data.

Import demo data

Import Demo Data – Now users can quickly and easily import our demo content with only one click to the button. This is the preferred method because it's the fastest and easiest way to get our demo content. It will import all our pages, posts, sliders etc.. If you wish to use our One Click Demo Content Importer, please see the guide below.

Note : Demo data is only for theme testing purpose. Do not install demo data on a production website.
  1. For import demo data go on Korisna > Import Demo.
  2. You will see demo data import screen.Click on Import Demo Button.
  3. Click on Continue & import Button. Please wait for import all data. It may take 3 to 5 minute depends on your sarver speed. Please be patient don't click import demo data button twice or Don't reload page.

Theme options

Using theme options, you can control every setting on the theme. Let’s start learning theme options. Go to Korisna > Theme Options

Important: Theme Option works globally. But Page / Post Settings can overwrite the theme option. So if you change something from the theme option and its not appear on an individual page then please go to that individual page settings and check if it overwrites the Theme option or not. If yes, just set that option default ( Default will correspond with the theme option ) Or select an option you want to use.

General Options

  1. Enable Pre loader : — Enable Or disable site pre loader.
  2. Preloader Image : — Upload preloader image
  3. Preloader Background Color : — Change preloader background color
  4. Google Map Api Key : — If you want to use google map then paste api key here


You can change theme typography from here

  1. Body Font: — Change body Font, Font weight, Font style, Font-size from here.
  2. h1,h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Font: — Change h1,h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 Font, Font weight, Font style, Font size from thes options.

Note : You will find all others theme options like (Banner options, Blog page, Single post, Archive page, search page, 404 page Footer options etc) in this options list. See them all for customize theme easily. ( You can override theme options from individual page / post. )

Page / Post / Custom post Settings

When you create or edit a page or post you will see few options for page or post settings on page/post bottom. You can change page/post layout, Header, Footer , hide /show banner, change banner title, images from these metabox options


Custom Widget

This theme provide three custom widget. To add this widget navigate to "Appearance > Widgets."

Korisna : Recent Posts Widget

  1. Title: — Type widget title here
  2. Title Word Count : — Type number of words you want to show from title. (useful for small width column )
  3. Post Count: — How many post you want to show.
  4. Category: — Select post category you want to show.

Korisna : Contact Info Widget

  1. Title: — Type widget title here
  2. Email: — Type email here
  3. Mobile Mumber: — Type mobile number here
  4. Short description Mumber: — Type short description here

Theme Updates

There are 2 methods to update WordPress themes to the newer version. These new updates are essential if you want to have a bug free website as we give new features and improvements to the theme over time. Some of these updates might be needed in order to make the theme compatible with WordPress newer versions. There is no risk of losing your settings and pages (If you don't edited theme core files). However if you had done modifications in parent theme files, then they will be lost.

Please note that before updating a theme, we recommend you to make a backup of your modified files. Also, we recommend to deactivate its current version and then upload the zip file with new theme version then activate and update the theme.

Using FTP

  1. Login in to your Themeforest account and go to downloads (Dashboard > downloads)
  2. Download the theme into your computer
  3. Install an FTP program (Filezilla is free)
  4. Retrieve your FTP login information from your hosting admin panel and login into your hosting via FTP
  5. Unzip the item main file
  6. Locate the korisna.zip file and unzip it. Make sure your unzipping software does not create an extra directory with the same name nested into each other.
  7. Drag and drop theme main folder into your FTP program with the destination: “YOUR_HOSTING_ROOT/YOUR_SUBDIRECTORY/wp-content/themes/”
  8. FTP program will give a warning that there is an existing with the same directory name, choose replace all.And wait until all files are replaced

Update Through WordPress Admin Panel

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Themes Activate another theme to deactivate the Korisna theme
  2. Delete the installed Korisna theme.
  3. Unzip the file you just downloaded from ThemeForest and locate the WordPress Theme korisna.zip
  4. Still within the Themes section, on the header tab, click on “Install Themes” , then on the header second tab click “Upload” .
  5. Click “Browse…”and locate the new theme file korisna.zip
  6. The “Upgrade existing theme?” option choose “Yes” from the dropdown list.
  7. Click “Install Now”.
  8. Click “Activate”.

Support / Contact With Us

Please follow the steps below :
  1. Please go to support.themedraft.net
  2. Register an account or Log in your account.
  3. Find Korisna theme forum and create your topic. Click here for Korisna theme forum

Update History

                    ----- 1.1.4 ( 12 April 2022) -----
                    Improved: Elementor Latest Version Compatibility.
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    ----- 1.1.3 ( 13 February 2022) -----
                    Updated: ThemeDraft Core Plugin.
                    Updated: Codestar Framework Plugin.
                    Improved: WordPress 5.9 Compatibility
                    Improved: Woocommerce 6x Compatibility
                    ----- 1.1.2 ( 4 August 2021) -----
                    Updated: ThemeDraft Core Plugin.
                    Improved: WordPress 5.8 Compatibility
                    Improved: Woocommerce 5.5x Compatibility
                    ----- 1.1.1 ( 17 April 2021) -----
                    Added: Purchases Key Verification.
                    Added: Korisna Admin Menu.
                    Moved: Theme Options From Appearance To Korisna Admin Menu.
                    Moved: Demo Import From Appearance To Korisna Admin Menu.
                    Updated: ThemeDraft Core Plugin
                    Updated: Codestar Framework Plugin.
                    Updated: Documentation.
                    Improved: WordPress 5.7x Compatibility.
                    Improved: WooCommerce 5.2x Compatibility.
                    ----- 1.1.0 ( 13 Feb 2021) -----
                    Updated: Codestar Framework.
                    Updated: ThemeDraft Core Plugin.
                    Fixed: Minor CSS Issue.
                    ----- 1.0.9 ( 3 Sept 2020) -----
                    Fixed: Page Edit Issue With Elementor.
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    ----- 1.0.8 ( 16 August 2020 ) -----
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Update: Codestar Framework.
                    Update: Documentation.
                    Fixed: Image alt Attribute PHP Notice Issue.
                    Tweaked: WordPress 5.5 Compatibility.
                    Tweaked: WooCommerce Latest Version Compatibility.
                    ----- 1.0.7 ( 3 July 2020 ) -----
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Update: Language File.
                    Fixed: Show Specific Country Data.
                    Fixed: Minor CSS Issue.
                    ----- 1.0.6 ( 12 May 2020 ) -----
                    Added: Secondary Color Change Option ( Appearance -> Korisna Options -> General Options -> Secondary Color )
                    Added: Enable/Disable Sticky Header ( Appearance -> Korisna Options -> General Options -> Header Options )
                    Updated: Core Plugin.

                    ----- 1.0.5 ( 5 May 2020 ) -----
                    Added: Header Style With Shopping Cart Icon (Appearance -> Korisna Options -> Header Options).
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Update: Language File.
                    Fixed: Minor CSS Issue.
                    ----- 1.0.4 ( 3 May 2020 ) -----
                    Added: Home Page Two.
                    Added: 5 New Custom Elementor Widget.
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Update: Main CSS File.
                    ----- 1.0.3 ( 29 April 2020 ) -----
                    Added: Primary Color Change Option.
                    Added: Footer Virus Image Change Option ( Korisna Options -> Footer Options )
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Fixed: Minor CSS Issue.
                    ----- 1.0.2 ( 27 April 2020) -----
                    Added: WooCommerce Support
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    ----- 1.0.1 ( 26 April 2020) -----
                    Added: Style Option For All Elementor Custom Widget
                    Added: Using URL Option With Icon Box Title.
                    Updated: Core Plugin.
                    Fixed: Minor CSS Issue.
                    ----- 1.0.0 ( 25 April 2020) -----
                    Initial released